age:              watched premiering MJ's Thriller with my parents from behind a cushion mortified
occupation:  visual artist
degree:         master of arts in Goethe's Theories on Dilettantism, University of Amsterdam
                     and a typing certificate earned on a Remington travel writer


since 2003


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introduction: Silverpoint is drawing with a sterling or fine silver pin on prepared paper (compare it to scratching a painted wall with a silver ring). This durable renaissance technique has mostly passed into disuse in favour of its manageable successor: the disposable fossil that is the pencil. Using silverpoint's subtle contrast and brushlike weave lines in this age is conceptual: a much needed gentle emphasis on empathy and an ode to observing quietly.

The drawings combine unique yet interchangeable images collected in my neighborhood, art, archaeology, nature, books as well as current affairs and social themes. Looking for rhyme in their structure, form and direction, through fragmented contrapositions and compositions, until they aren't obvious anymore: an ambiguous but (perhaps unknowingly) graspable impression.

My personalised handcrafted silverpoint:

done (a.o.):

2018: groupexhibition PopInnArt, Amsterdam
2018: groupexhibition Gallery Josilda da Conceicao, Amsterdam
2018: groupexhibition Het Tekenkabinet, Amsterdam
2017: groupexhibition Art for Animals' Sake, Amsterdam
2017/2018: editor to artist publication Jan van der Pol - Een Nieuwe Dag #1: Voor Onze Natie
               and Een Nieuwe Dag #2: Who is big, sold ao at Gallery Nouvelles Images, The Hague,
               where Jan's drawings used for this publication are exhibited.
2016: solo booth at This Art Fair, Amsterdam